Heritage and Memory Studies (Heritage Studies)

Taught by cultural historians, art historians, architectural historians, archaeologists, and sociologists, the Dual Master's in Heritage and Memory Studies offers an interdisciplinary programme in which you study heritage from a cultural-historic and spatial perspective.

Researching the heritage cult

Around the world, a notable change is taking place in the art and culture sector. Until recently, this sector predominantly focused on museums, theatres and concert halls. However, we are now witnessing a noticeable musealisation of landscapes, urban areas and buildings, and even of immaterial expressions of everyday culture. This makes our urban and rural environment increasingly stage-managed and nostalgic. 

What role does the heritage cult play in our relationship with the past? How does it relate to the classic canon of art and culture, the conservation of archaeological records, monuments, interiors and works of art, national and European cultural policy, the rapidly growing culture and heritage tourism sector and the issue of multiculturalism and personal or national identity? These questions are central to the Master's programme in Heritage and Memory Studies.

Heritage and Memory Studies at the UvA

As in the Anglo-Saxon approach to 'Heritage Studies', you will study heritage from a cultural-historic and spatial perspective. You will research the various meanings attached to heritage in a museological and educational context (i.e. listed buildings, theme parks, visual media and tourism). How to deal with the inherent contradictions of historical 'layering', authenticity, museological preservation, management of national heritage artefacts and the tourist experience are among the key issues in this programme. Heritage and Memory Studies is a dual Master's programme, which means that it serves as an academic preparation for a specific profession. The internship is an important part of the programme. In this way, the programme offers a unique combination of practical experience, specialist knowledge and theoretical reflection. 

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Degree certificate

Heritage and Memory Studies is part of the accredited Master's programme in Heritage Studies. After successful completion of the programme, you will obtain a legally recognised Master’s degree in Heritage Studies and the title Master of Arts (MA).

Regulier onderwijs
90 ECTS EC, 18 maanden

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